One World Lecture with Prof. Marlyse Duguid (NWL)

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Age Group: Adult, Teen
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ONE WORLD LECTURE: The Not-So-Secret Life of Trees

SUMMARY STATEMENT: People have always been fascinated by the idea that trees can be more than just static members of the landscape. This theme repeatedly emerges in pop-culture and is present in contemporary books, films and movies. Are trees sentient; do they feel, smell, hear, remember, communicate? What does the current science tell us about how trees interact with each other and other organisms in the landscape. And what does it mean for the trees in our forests, yards, and landscapes.  

Room Capacity 75 People - Note: Registered names will be checked at the door.

Dr. Marlyse Duguid is a forester, botanist, horticulturist, and ecologist. She earned a BS in horticulture from the University of Connecticut and worked as a professional horticulturist for eight years before starting graduate school. She received her Master of Forestry from Yale's Forestry & Environmental Studies Department in 2008 and is a certified forester in the state of Connecticut. She completed a joint PhD program in plant ecology from Yale University and the New York Botanical Garden in 2016. She joined the faculty of F&ES faculty in January of 2017 as the first Thomas G. Siccama lecturer where she focuses on field-based teaching on topics around plant ecology and natural history. Dr. Duguid’s  current projects examine how acute (e.g. forest harvesting) and chronic (e.g. global change, biological invasions) anthropogenic disturbances affect plant communities. She partners with local, regional, and national organizations to address conservation and restoration questions.

SUPPORT: This series is made possible with a grant from the Stanley D. and Hinda N. Fisher Foundation, administered by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving. Trees of West Hartford support is made possible with a grant from the Thomas F. Kilfoil Bequest, West Hartford Library Foundation.

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     "The Not-So-Secret Life of Trees"

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PARKING: There is ample library parking in the nearby Isham Garage. Please bypass the garage payment kiosks and come directly to the lecture in the Noah Webster Library Meeting Room, 20 South Main Street, where you may validate your parking with your license plate number.