How To Be Italian (In-Person)

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Registration for this event will close on February 15, 2023 @ 6:00pm.
There are 93 seats remaining.

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This program will meet in-person at the Noah Webster Library.

Through a 90-minute Powerpoint presentation, Enzo incorporates technology, music, and humor throughout this entertaining and educated program about Italians. Enzo accompanies himself on the guitar and performs songs that are mostly in Italian but also in English, French, Spanish, and Yiddish.

Italians are an ethnic group who are in Southern Europe. They are famous for their innovations and cuisine worldwide. The program illustrates their culture, rich history, art, popular traditions, music, and Italian language as well as the strong family ties that impact their lives and how they express themselves.

Vincenzo Boscarino was born in Sortino, province of Siracusa, Italy. He lived in Italy until he was twenty-one and graduated from the Instituto G. Lombardo Radic, Catania, with a degree in elementary education. It was in Italy that as a young boy Enzo began to sing, leading church choruses in singing Gregorian chants. Later he learned to play the guitar and has been playing and singing ever since. He enrolled at the Universita di Catania but decided to go to the United States to further his education, graduating from the University of Connecticut in 1965 with a bachelor's degree and from Central Connecticut State University in 1970 with a master's degree (in Italian, laurea magistrale or specialistica).


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