Peecycling for Clean Water & Fertile Farms (Virtual)

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Registration for this event will close on July 30, 2024 @ 6:30pm.
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Join the Rich Earth Institute to learn about the paradigm-shifting practice of peecycling: reclaiming our "waste" as a resource to protect our watershed and support local farms. Human urine contains vital nutrients for growing crops. When flushed, urine contributes to nutrient pollution, causing harmful algal blooms and damaging aquatic ecosystems. Instead of becoming pollution, urine can be recycled as a safe, effective fertilizer for farms and gardens. By completing the food nutrient cycle upstream, we can help protect our downstream neighbors -- and grow an abundance of food from locally sourced nutrients.

For over a decade, the Rich Earth Institute has been advancing peecycling in the US, building a vision of regional nutrient sovereignty and climate-resilient sanitation. The Institute operates the nation's first and largest community-scale peecycling program - part of a growing global movement for circular sanitation systems. This webinar will cover this unique program, the Rich Earth Institute’s leading-edge research, as well as step-by-step instructions for reclaiming the power of pee in your own garden. Together, we can pee the change!

Julia Cavicchi is the Rich Earth Institute’s Education Director. In this role, she runs Rich Earth’s “Urine My Garden” program, science communication, local community engagement, youth education, and the annual Rich Earth Summit. She is committed to the ongoing journey of exploring how reclaiming our ‘waste’ can fertilize social change. Julia’s nutrients split their time between Rich Earth’s community peecycling program and her veggie garden.


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