Saving Our Planet One Food Scrap at a Time

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Registration for this event will close on June 27, 2023 @ 6:30pm.
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Presented by Beth Ann Loveland Sennett & Deanna Fontaine-Motyl, UCONN Certified Master Composters and Master Gardeners

Home composting is one of the most important we can do as individuals to positively impact the environment. The simple process of composting reduces runoff and compaction of topsoil, enhances biodiversity, and increases vital microbial activity. Adding compost to your soil will increase plant root growth, making plants more resistant to stresses related to multiple factors including weather extremes and climate change. Compost also largely eliminates the need for toxic synthetic pesticides and herbicides. Over 25% of products sent to landfills today are organic wastes. We can do better in our own backyards!


  • What is composting?
  • Why compost?
  • Compost ingredients (dos and don’ts)
  • Compost Structures (what are some of your choices?)


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