Classics of Modernism (NWL)

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This course is a unique opportunity to really deconstruct the nuances and implications of influential texts; to debate what things mean and hear other perspectives in discussions guided by the questions and suggestions of a university professor. It is essentially the best elements of a classic, idealistic university class (intellectual debate, and contemplating ideas that never would've been thought of while reading casually and individually). And it's a rare chance to search deeper into the classic texts and authors that so many people have heard of, but so few have ever had the chance to really study and consider. In turn, we develop a richer connection to the culture that surrounds us, as defined by the most prominent and noteworthy literary period in Western history.

Books that we will be reading include:

Each book will be discussed over two days. If you'd like to participate in both (or all) discussions over multiple books, then you will need to sign up for each individual day.

Literature discussion will be led by Professor Joseph Reynolds.